Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skin Food - Royal Honey Launch

Brand: SkinFood
Date : 4th May 2012
Place: Fahrenheit 88, Ground Floor Lobby

SkinFood was launching the new Royal Honey Range, where there are selected pair of mother/daughter are invited to join 1 of the session for make-up demonstration/tips and make-over. I posted the mother/daughter photo to SkinFood and being called up to attend the session. And, here I am in the launch, learning some make-up tips from Ms Moon (who flied from South Korea to Malaysia). BTW, Ms Moon's skin is just …... OMG, so smooth, fair and soft … (though I didn't touch it :-))

Besides the tips, we were given a goodie bag after end of the session. Thank you so much SkinFood.

Ms Moon (dressed in blue) in action of the demo


Waiting for the launch to start
Some of the tips I captured from Ms Moon.
  1. Before start your make up, you will need apply the necessary moisturizer etc.
  2. Calm down the skin temperature – cooler will ensure the make-up stayed
  3. So, moisture the face first
  4. Then apply the Royal Honey Starter after moisturizer been absorb 80%. The starter can help to maintain makeup, make a smooth looking to help close the pore and moisture the skin as the same time
  5. Then apply the BB cream or foundation
    1. Books for grab with lucky dip too
      Use sponge to give more moist and keep the moist longer on the face especially good for oily skin
    2. Apply different thickness on the face for different area
    3. Tap the BB Cream around the eye ring instead of rolling in the BB Cream, and thicker layer for eye area
  6. Then, the loose powder
    1. Powder will normally a little dry, hence don't use the puff to apply the powder, use a brush instead
    2. Brush from inner to outer, T-Zone area first, and make sure cheek area is the lighter because this is the dry area
  7. Now, the eyebrow
    1. It is easiest to choose a color that match the hair colour
    2. Eyebrow with curling shape will make a person look younger
  8. Eye shadow
    1. Ms Moon was demonstrating the 'smoky eye' makeup, but, do note smoky eye doesn't means dark colour
  9. then, the upper eye liner
    1. Should start from tail to inner part of the eye
    2. One may apply some white powder under the eye area to avoid droplet of the liner
    3. Draw the liner from center to the outer/tail of the eye
  10. The Royal Honey Range
    Bottom eye liner
    1. Draw from outer part to inner part of the eye
  11. Eye lashes curler
    1. Makesure curler is used before applying mascara
    2. and, do twice, first time then wait for a few seconds, and curl again the 2nd time
  12. Mascara
    1. Apply a few rounds, but make sure each rounds let it dry before apply the next round
    2. Put your mirror at a lower eye level, so that you will not have forehead line grow when you are doing your eyes
  13. Now, the cheek
    1. You can use thumb to tap the colour on the cheek, at the last use any other finger to spread the colour
    2. Lip and cheek colour should be matching to have a natural look
  14. Lip
    1. Lipstick should be applied from center lip to the side.
    2. For natural look, don't use lip liner

Phew, what a lengthy write-up, I should next time do a 'demo' instead of pure writing :-).

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