Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BudsBaby - Spread Your Love For The Environment

Brand: Buds
Date : July 2012
Place: Facebook Fanpage
Method: Buds organized a facebook fanpage Spread Your Love for the Environment contest, write in with the most creative way of saving our environment.

The delivery was extremely fast … the moment I got to know I was one of the winner, the next day the mailman is already at my door step …. and my kids are so excited opening up the box, untie the beautifully wrapped gift set, and immediately asking for a bath, and a 'after bath' story time :-)

I am not a very creative person, but I always wanted to do something for our environment, and with some way of saving my household expenses too. Since I was very young, I practice some small way of saving which a lot of my friends think that is 'stingy'.

After years of awareness, now my stingy method become a small effort of saving the environment and further more, Buds award me as one of the creative winners, which is a way of 'confirming' me that I was doing it right. Thanks Buds Baby.

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BudsBaby Shower Gel

Budsbaby “Where is Environment” book

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