Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heineken - Putra Grand Award Party @ Zuok

Brand: Heineken
Photo from Heineken
Date : April 2012
Place: Zuok KL
Method: Heineken won the Putra Grand Award, in conjunction with the award, Heineken is giving away Party @ Zuok for the winners who are selected with best slogan.

Additional Information : Saw this notice in Heineken facebook, so trying my luck, I wrote to the designated email, and wala …. I was selected as 1 of the winner for :

A table has been reserved under your Name and IC No. You may have 3 additional friends join you providing that they're above 21 years old and non-Muslim. 2 buckets of Heineken (10 bottles) will also be served to your party at Zouk Main Room on a Saturday night.

Unfortunately, it was the Bersih night, not many of my friends dare to get into KL even though the Bersih was in the morning/afternoon. So, just 2 of us, we went.

It was a fun filled night, the night get hotter when it is getting 'early', around 12pm :-). And, once again, thanks to Heineken for the fun party.

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