Sunday, July 8, 2012

Perricone - Cold Plasma Deluxe

Brand: Perricone

Date : 8th July 2012

Place: KLCC

Method: Swap with any skincare worth Rm300 and above with Perricone MD Cold Plasma Deluxe.

Always following Miss Sunshine's blog, came to this notice posted about Perricone product swap.

Curiously to understand how they know what's the price of my product, but I couldn't get any further information on this swap in the internet. Eagerly wanted to try on a miracle product, especially with this kind of $$ product, wanted to see what is the miracle in between that they can ask for so high price.

So, by not purposely going to KLCC, I brought my salon brand (not counter brand) to KLCC. Isetan KLCC promoter told me they already out of stock, I went to few steps away Parkson KLCC, yeah, they have the product, but sorry, salon brand is not acceptable as they don't know exactly how much the product cost. They want some brand that is 'nearby', e.g. those that present at Parkson KLCC, so they can check the price of your product before swapping the Perricone MD to yours.

So be smart, bring something all recognized and best with price tag (hahaha... don't think I see price tag for any counter branded skin care) that you won't be disappointed ….

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  1. thanks for following Miss Sunshine Blog and thanks for the sharing and additional information. so the SA at the Perricone MD counter only accept those product that available in Isetan or Parkson.