Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tiamo - Shoes Clip On

Photo source : Tiamo Facebook

Brand: Tiamo
Date : October 2012
Place: 1 Utama Outlet
Method: Follow Tiamo Fanpage ….

Additional Information :
Tiamo has a mini contest on their facebook, which write a slogan on why you think you need the Tiamo Shoe Clip-on, then they will select the creative entries to entitled to the shoe clip-on.

So, putting on my creative thinking hat again, cracking long on the words to put, and ta-da, I am selected as one of the proud owner of the clip-on.

The best thing is, the staffs are very very cheerful and helpful. They are really very friendly, chat with me as well while we do some of the verification and paper signing etc. Then, I got to choose my clip-on from the range available in the shop. So tough, I really like to have them all …. ahem, yeah, woman always feel they can't find the suitable pair of shoes in their wardrobe mah.

So, I go for the convention safe path, choose a black coloured clip-on. Immediately when I reach home, I tried it on my office heels. Oh my goodness, the heels really changed its look with the clip-on. A office wear will be very suitable for a night outing just by adding the clip-on. BTW, there's the promise the clip will not spoilt your shoes.

You should try it, then you will know what I mean.

Top is the front looking, bottom one is how the clip look like

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