Friday, October 12, 2012

Contest : Elite Edgy EFX Hair Wax

Brand: Elite Edgy EFX
Date : Octob 2012
Place: Mailer
Method: Like the facebook fanpage, follow them closely …..

I was following the updates from Elite Edgy EFX, and saw the announcement of very simple to get a bottle of the hair wax, be the first 30 fans to state which range of the product you want, and that's what I got …. fast,easy and like it :-)

Oh, BTW, somebody is more eager than me, there seems to be 2 'swipe' on the wax before I did it .... hmmm ... luckily it is not chocolate, if with 2 bites, not sure should I eat it or throw it .....

Est. Size
Est. Price(RM)
Est. Size
Est. Normal Price(RM)
Airy Wild way ELITE Edgy EFX 68g hair wax 

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