Friday, October 12, 2012

Esquire : Spector Showcase Stage KL Avenue K

Date : Oct 2012
Place: Mailer
Method: Esquire Contest – Concert Ticket for Spector at Stage KL, Avenue K

Additional Information :
Not been to Stage KL, so, eagerly wrote to Esquire hoping to win the tickets …. and there come 1 day this email pop up telling me I was one of the winners …. and Esquire will send them to my door step.

Then, the next day, here come the delivery man, handing me the tickets …..

It was an eye opener …. we were not aware Avenue K do have so happening places in it. There are so many standing outside the entrance when we arrived. We were pretty early, though the ticket said 8pm. We arrived 8.15pm.

Then, we waited and waited, the place get more and more crowded, around 9pm, there come our super stars. BTW, I guess the dancer didn't turn up, which meant to perform from 8pm – 9pm, before Spectors' turn. We have 1 full hour of entertainment though, sounds not so enough.

Another thing we saw was, there were this 2 little very young teenagers, age around 12 – 14 the max, accompanied by their parents, placed in a special area, were shouting and singing along together with us......

It is a fun night after all …...

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