Sunday, June 10, 2012

MISC - A Date With Julie's

A Date wtih Julie's

Came across this social media and get to know there's a contest organised by  Julie's  for bloggers. Without wasting a second, I pickup my pen and start to write ...... my date with  Julie's  (oh, actually, start to type, not very good in real 'hand'writing anymore ...)

Anyone not heard about  Julie's ? Well, check out the Julie's website here and their facebook.  It is so feminine, you would think it is something related to play toy or child fashion, but actually, it is a brand for biscuits, yes biscuits :-), with a girly logo too ....

I couldn't really remember when was my first date with  Julie's  biscuit .... it's been so long ago, it is been my familiar brand for so many years ..... and of course, now it is been my kids familiar brand too ....

Among all the products, I like the Love Letters most. What is a  Love Letters ? The person who make up all the name is just too creative, full of romance senses ..... It is actually a wafer roll. I like chocolate, so, chocolate flavour is never a miss for me. 

 Love Letters, letters from the lover, sweet and juicy, never bored reading it thousands times, longing to have another one, and another one,  wishing it will keep-on coming without a stop... that's exactly how I feel with Julie's Love Letters.

There are so many wafer rolls brands out there in the market, but I bet you won't find any other that taste as original and real as  Julie's. I always stock a tin of the  Love Letters  in my kitchen, to calm my crave, release my tension, reduce my sadness and celebrate my happiness. 

I normally make sure I take out a few sticks and keep the tin far from me, if not, I will empty the tin by the time noticing it is just too late. 

Besides eating it by itself, of course I will have a cup of chocolate drink or tea while 'reading' my   Love Letters. A cup of cooling ice-cream with 1 or 2 stick of   Love Letters add-on some spark to the satisfaction. That comes reminding me on banana split, we normally have banana split from restaurant, we will check with the restaurant if they are using   Love Letters  for the banana split too .... without a stick of   Love Letters, the banana split failed it's 'splitting' spirit.

For my kids, they will never say no to  Love Letters that's the short quiet moment I managed to steal while they are enjoying their LOVE moment. They have Love Letters fun too, the vampire look, the smoker look and the chipmunk who munched finish the stick in just a few seconds......By the way, we never 'let go' the crumbs easily. I do think it is the most tasty part after all .... 

 Love Letters is meant to be 'loved', I love to crumb it to very tiny pieces and use it as a based for my chilled cheese cake, crumb it and add into my homemade cookies, crumb it and add it into my ice-cream, crumb it and add it into my chocolate drink .....and the list never ends ....ah, I need to go grab some now ... inrissible .....

They come by so many taste, packaging and size too

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