Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review - Tanzini (Originalo Booking)

Brand: Tanzini
Date : May 2012


The Pure White and Black Interior Look

Information :
Managed to make a reservation with Tanzini under Originalo gift pack. Before choosing Tanzini, did some google about this restaurant, and it appears to be quite a 'quiet' place during lunch time. We wanted for lunch, but apparently it is no more serving for the Originalo gift pack, so, we booked a dinner table for 4, 2 adults and 2 kids.

The Kids Menu which not included in Originalo's Voucher

 Never expected, they called me on the day, to reconfirm my booking, number of guest and seat arrangement, that's really not bad ya.

So there we go to G Tower, enter the highly secured area with special pass, and reach this high level of the building. We saw only 1 or 2 tables seated. Our table is kind of weird arranged, where it is situated at the right sharp corner of the restaurant, meaning to say I am facing a sharp edge of the pillar corner. They told me they can't arrange a baby chair with the other tables (I didn't really ask why). So, we seated, and no need to look at the menu, as it is already pre-set with Originalo. They offered us the kids menu, which is around RM50++ per person. We put that on-hold as we don't know how large is the portion served from the Originalo set.

There come the drink, which I kind of like it, minty with sweet and sour taste. We started off with some bread, and my kids just like it so much (maybe they are hungry).

Sour Mint Lychee Gassy Drink, like it
Starter - garlic bread with 3 different sauces, as they really take their time to serve the main course, we finished 2 loaf of bread while waiting
Then after quite long wait, there come the creamy mushroom soup. Kind of different from the fastfood type, very tinny minted mushroom and creamy taste.

Dark looking right? - creamy mushroom soup

The main course, opps, the serving is definitely meant for 1 single adult. The presentation is very pleasant though. Taste a little bit above the normal par …. and there come the dessert, oh ya, they don't serve fruit ….

Lamp Chop

Spaghetti with real big prawn

The restaurant can accommodate quite large crowd
When we are almost done, then the place get heated up, more and more tables are filled, and till the time we left, almost all tables are filled. Now only I know Klian are damn reach ah, the serving here is not cheap, it would cost at least RM100++ per head in order to make sure you don't feel hungry just right after you step out of the restaurant, ah, sorry, that's what it means by fine dining right, to be seen eating there, not about eating there ….

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