Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review - Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes = It is mine now .....

Here I am back for the 2nd part for the review after trying the lenses for "MrLens's Pretty, Sexy, Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest".

Once I got the voucher from Tammy, I went to MrLens site (who is kind enough to sponsor the lenses) and start choosing my lenses.

MrLens Website

The site is pretty clean and tidy, which match my philosophy "simple is rich" :-). There's a search box which make my searching for  FreshlooColorblends  just a snip of fingers. 

"MrLens is providing you with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and a very convenient process to use. We are the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too!" is what you will see from the webpage.  MrLens is now in Malaysia too .... the company  was setup in 2002, which means it is been in this industry for an awesome 10 years !! The larger the better, that's my rule of thumb in selecting a merchant for my online purchases, especially when it comes to the safety to our "windows of the soul".

Being a very 'careful' person "a-hem....". I check around how they define themselves the 'largest' ? I noticed  MrLens  offerred a wide range of lenses. From range of daily to monthly disposable, they have colored lens, toric lenses, silicone hydragel and even multifocal lenses (I need this very much....opppssss...age range disclosed not purposely....). The price is very affortable, compared to what I have spent with the retail shops.

No suprise, having the largest online inventory of contact lenses at the lowest price in Malaysia with Free Delivery*,  MrLens  carries so many brands, you name it,  MrLens  has it**. Over the last 12 months  MrLens  processed more than 90,000 orders. This cut-out my worries what if the lenses are short in expiry date and why it is so cheap and
I am totally impressed and no doubt  MrLens  dare to claim himself the 'largest'. With  MrLens  being the finalist in the prestigious Swiss Economic Award in 2008, this added 1 more confident point on me about MrLens.

My eyes has quite different power requirement, I couldn't find the option to order single lens or select different power for a pair of lenses as they are sold in pair for the monthly disposable   FreshlooColorblends. Luckily MrLens give us 2 boxes (each box with a pair), so I choose the same colour but different power for the 2 pairs, no luck having to try 2 colours though.

I like the site offered me a reminder for the next purchase, which I do always forgot to keep my stock and can't find even the last pair leftover when i need one, this reminder definitely is a very handy one for an 'old' lady like me.

The Reminder Offered by MrLens

I made the order on weekend, I received a call from  MrLens  on Monday, the colour that I wanted has been out of stock. As I wanted the lens fast instead of waiting for stock replenished (which actually doens't take long neither), I choosed the in-stocked colour, and the lenses are at my doorstep few hours later, amazing service. This proved what  MrLens  has advertised : "A large central warehouse and optimized logistics paths make it possible to offer customers an exceptionally fast service where more than 93%of orders are shipped within 24 hours upon receipt of order".

Here is how the package looks like. With a pack of gummy bear sweet as well, good for my 2 little one who just can't resist gummy sweets. There's small booklet available with some additional information on  MrLens  website and the product they are selling.

This is my first time of trying colour lens (very 'san ba' ya). Not sure why though, never come across my mind to buy a coloured lens whenever I did my lens purchase (though actually the lenses that I bought was light in blue, just for me to 'find' them easily when they are soak in the solution ... yeah, I do have very "powerful" (a.k.a. high power) eye sight. BTW, 'san ba' means 'ignorance'.

The 'coloured' portion is not as in my 'san ba' imagination should fully cover the ring of the lenses, as you can see in this photo. If it is not from the famous brand of  Freshlook Colorblends  (from Ciba Vision), I would think it is a manufacturing defect ..... sory for being so s***** again. This is the advanced color technology that Freshlook Colorblends uses to blend three colors on one lens. And, not sure if they take into consideration of my pupils colour ? It looks more like white stripes instead of gray actually.

It is 'scattered' colour ring with 3 colours

FreshlooColorblends can also be used for dark eyes, that is very important for an Asian, if not what for I go buy color lenses which don't change my pupils colorAnxiously open up the container, the lens is very soft, I think this is the softest lens I ever have compare to those that I have tried ...

Immediately I popped 1 into my left eye, it fits very well on my eye ball, no problem popping it in at all. Ta-da, here come the comparison. One side with the lens and 1 side without the lens. My eye really looks very different
Eye with original colour

Eye with the Freshlook Colorblends

As mentioned, I thought the gray colored part seems like would not able to cover very 'well', but, very satisfying, it really covered my black pupils at the desired area .... good and amazing technology indeed. It left only the center portion which is meant to be black, and the outer ring do change to very light color. They turns out really good mixing up with the color of my pupils, my eye ball really changed colour. And one more thing, do you realised my eyes seems to grow bigger with the lens, see below, the left eye is really larger than the right one.

Front Look, the "Big Small" Eyes :-)

I can feel the lens "moving" around whenever I close and open my eyes. Mainly my vision was 'blocked' by coloured area with the movement of the lens, that's why I know the lens is moved .....but after a while,the blurry vision went away.

My eyes are the dry type, get discomfort easily after wearing any lenses for only a few hours. I will always need to close my eyes in order to keep the lenses moist, if not, I will feel the lenses tended to drop out. For this pair, it seems to work quite harmonised with my dry eyes for the first few hours, that met my expectation on the comfort level. 

The Classic Look : "Empty, Thoughtful but Focusless Look"

The "Ask Help From Sky Look"

The color that I choosed was gray, e-hmm, not yet dare to choose a more exciting color. Which actually  FreshlooColorblends  is available in many colors: blue, pure hazel, true sapphire, brown, green, honey, gray, turquoise, brilliant blue, gemstone green, sterling gray, amethyst. MrLens website has the capability of showing the color choosen on the "eye" displayed on the same webpage, so you don't need to imagine how exactly the color really looks like. I was playing around with all the colors as my lousy English failed me for some of the color mentioned above .....

Play Around With Colour

Oh ya, there are a few promotion that MrLens is having which can save up a lot. You can recommend friends with the Recommend a Friend Program*** and earn discounts to shop with  MrLens 

Wanted to keep up-todate with MrLens promotion, not a problem at all, check out the Facebook fanpage, and start sharing the good news with friends by click "share with friends"****, they got to buy cheaper lenses, you got rewarded on top of the cheaper lenses, "double happiness" ....

Facebook Fanpage

Share with Friends

Any questions ? No problem, there's customer supports by phones and emails. MrLens even has an optometrist / contact lens specialist in team. Replacement of defective lenses and withdrawal of lenses is available too. This is what I call good service, which at least, they made their promises.

If anyone read my blog, you will noticed i tried to quantify things ..... rate them in a more measurable way, here let me try to do the same with FreshLook Colorblends contact lens ....

Product details:
Est. Price(RM)
Normal Size
Est. Normal Price(RM)
FreshlooColorblends (monthly disposable) 1 pair from MrLens
1 pair
1 pair


Very Light
Very Dark
Dark is with color, light is without color
Comfort Level
Very Bad
Very Good

Appearance after wear
Very Bad
Very Good

Very Bad
Very Good
Very personal feeling, likes it, do not like it
After-use Side Effect
Not At All
Not Really
A Lot
Any side effect noticed ?
Effectiveness as per the product purpose
Very Bad
Very Good
Is it effective as the product claimed ?
Product Price Range
Very Affordable
Per ml/g or per use
Highest > RM 20
RM 20 > High > RM 15
RM 15 > Normal > RM 10
RM 10 > Affordable > RM 5
RM 5 > Very Affordable > RM 0
Very Bad
Very Good

*It is free delivery for selected areas in Klang Valley For purchases above RM50

**Acuvue Tru Eyes, Acuvue Moist,  Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Oasys Astigmatism, Acuvue Define, Soflens 38, Soflens 59, Soflens Toric, Purevision 2, Purevision HD, Biomedics 38, Biomedics 55, Proclear, Definition, Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort, Focus Night & Day, Air Optix, Air Optix for Astigmatism,  Freshlook One Day, Proclear 1 day, Sauflon Clariti 1 day, Soflens daily disposable, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advance, Adore Dare, Adore Imagene, Adore Pure Eyes, Air Optix Multifocal, Biomedics 55 Evolution, Biomedics Toric, Blincon BB, Blincon Big Eyes, Blincon Classic, Blincon Elegance, Blincon Jazzy, Blincon Sweetie, Chameloen, Colorvue, Freshkon Alluring Eyes, Freshkon Color Fusion, Freshkon Dezigner, Freshkon Mosaic, Freshlook Colorblends, Maxim Color Blue, Maxim Colors Orange, Maxim Color Pink, Maxim Color Toric, Sauflon 55UV, Sauflon Bioclear, Saulfon Bioclear Toric, Sauflon Clear Comfort Aspheric, Soflens Multifoca and etc.

***To earn discounts to shop at  where friends registered and pay full on purchase to get the rewards.

****MrLens FB campaign to earn RM20/discount when 10 friends like MrLens page.


  1. I like how you have a rating table for the things you review :) very systematic! and kinda shock it's your first time wearing color contact lens. Hope you enjoy this review yeah, and good luck in the contest!

    I was looking for a full face image of yours but don't have :( so MrLens post up your big vs small eye pic instead on their fb! check it out :)

  2. Thanks Miu .... I am camera shy mah ... :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing. You look great! I just tried fresh look color blends for the first time and love them. It’s fun to change your eye color for a day or two!

  4. No doubt very pretty eyes and you can enhance it more by using Cheap Acuvue which is best and very economic.