Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time For "Blink Blink" Pretty Beautiful Sexy Eyes

Thanks to Tammy of Plusizekitten where she blasted about this contest "MrLens's Pretty, Sexy, Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest" in her website The contest is to review MrLensFreshlook Colorblends by CIBA Vision contact lens. 

Quickly I volunteered myself, and lucky enough, here I am blogging my excitment being selected by Plusizekitten as 1 of the 30 bloggers, who will test, experience, love and not to forgot, blog 'prettily' over here ... <<...blink blink blink ...can't stop imagining my big pretty sexy beautiful eyes blinking after wearing the lenses...>> .....

Eager to know more about MrLens and Freshlook Colorblends even before I 'bake' out my review ? Go to MrLens'website and facebook and you will know more, AND stay tuned, I will be back ....<<.....bliinnnkkkkkk .....>>.....

MrLens Website and Facebook link:

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